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Austrian gambling rules breach EU regulations

Austrian casino rules which required gambling operators to be based in the country, have been found in breach of EU law. The European courts ruled that the restrictions were anti-competitive – handing a second victory to multi-billion dollar betting industry. On Wednesday it ruled that German laws protecting state monopolies […]

Soccer Fixed Matches News

With billions of dollars in illegal soccer bets exchanged every year and allegations of match-fixing rife, the punters are often at the losing end whereas the bookmakers are having the last laugh. The mafias and underground syndicates are often behind the fixing of soccer matches. FIFA, the governing body of […]

Soccer Betting Advice

In the world of soccer betting, like in real life, it is important to define a goal and work towards it. If you start uncontrolled betting, with high stakes to make up for the loss, if you bet every day without any aim, things will usually not go the way […]

Learn how to bet soccer

If you want to beat your soccer bookies, then you must know the fundamentals of soccer betting. Knowing how to bet and what to bet. In this section, we will highlight a few important factors to consider before you embark on soccer betting. 1. Team Form Look at their recent […]

MLB Baseball Handicapping Philosophy

1. Look for profitable situations. In baseball there are certain situations which provide the bettor an advantage. Sometimes the stats line up the right way in which you get a team that has enough of an advantage in nearly every important category. Other times, you can catch a team in […]

College Basketball Handicapping Philosophy

1. Measurable evidence in historical statistical data from current and past seasons within the last several years 2. Against-the-Spread (ATS) trend data 3. Intangibles and the “sniff test” Statistical Trends The first statistical trends that I look at in NCAA basketball are defensive. These include forced turnovers and points allowed. […]

Specialise Betting on one team (Man United)

The aim of this article is to bring to your attention the rewards that can be had from specialising in betting on one particular team. Some of you will hate me for this and some of you will love me for this, but let me just say it now and […]

Cricket Betting

The Ashes: England V Australia There will be five, five day tests of which it’s a best of five matches scenario. July 8 – Sophia Gardens July 20 – Lords July 30 – Edgbaston August 7 – Headingly August 20 – The Oval New Zealand V Sri Lanka There will […]