Charity hockey players with masks in club colors

The Austrian hockey club Vienna Capitals has discovered a very lucrative market niche and has quickly adapted to the needs of time in the fight against the spread of coronavirus. Through his online store, he offered all fans mouth and nose protective masks in club colors and with the club logo in two colors yellow and black. The price for the mask is $ 6.90. On it is the inscription in English Total. One mission.

Charity hockey players with masks in club colors

Vienna Capitals is an Austrian hockey club that plays in the Austrian Ebel League, in which both the best Slovenian clubs from Jesenice and Ljubljana have performed in the past. He plays home games in Vienna, Austria. Their hall is called the Albert Schultz Ice Hall. They won the Austrian championship twice in 2005 and 2017. According to the club, every euro of the product sold will be donated to the MOMO mobile baby hospice, Vienna’s palliative care facility.

Austria will also be required to wear mouth and nose protection starting next week. In Austrian supermarkets, the mask has been mandatory for several days. Shopping without a mouth and nose protection is no longer allowed due to a pandemic. In the future, this requirement will also apply to public transport in Vienna and all open business premises.

“So in these difficult times you always have masks with you and at the same time you can show which favorite club beats your heart. From now on, there are protective masks in club colors, with the Vienna Capitals logo,” the capitals wrote on the website.

However, solidarity has been shown by the Vienna hockey fans, who provide assistance in daily tasks to people who, due to the crisis, may or may not leave their apartment or house for several weeks or in the near future. Of course, the club will equip all fan volunteers with their club protective masks, they promised.