Sutjeska vs Slovan Bratislava Betting Tips
Sutjeska vs Slovan Bratislava Today’s Betting Tips

The Return of Qualifying Qualifiers in the Champions League continues on Wednesday, giving the European public a considerable number of parties. Sutjeska and Slovan Bratislava are set to face the Gradski Stadium.

Sutjeska: Form of the moment, the latest results, statistics

Sutjeska is the host of this return from the finals of UCL, the far outsider of this game, who does not have too much qualification to qualify, although the tournament has shown something else. The Montenegrin Champion had no chance at the Bratislava specialists, but the game went beyond expectations for the Montenegrins who scored a great result: 1-1 and allowing him to continue hoping for the next round. Indeed, he was largely dominated by the statistics chart, and luck was also on Sutjeska’s side, evening in the 95th minute when no one else believed in another outcome.

Slovan Bratislava: Form of the moment, the latest results, statistics

Slovan Bratislava is moving to Montenegro with a huge thirst for the qualification, especially after the result of the tour that upset the champion in Slovakia, being ready to show something else, especially on the table. After a score of 1-1, the team from Bratislava has a remorse, especially since the game was one of UCL, with many goals, a very nice construction drawn by Sevela’s team. Sporar, the goal scorer of Slovan, managed the only goal for the Slovakian champion, and he was prepared for the Montenegrin return to be no longer a chance and to make the match easy for his team.

Sutjeska vs Slovan Bratislava Our Football Betting Tips

The tournament did not fully show what really represents the team in Slovakia that really is the team that really deserves to qualify in the next round. Although Sutjeska has had a fairly large number of opportunities, he can not aspire so much but we will see how the second game of this double bout will take place. I will still bet on a victory of Slovaks who can not lose their qualification from the optimum stage, and especially in front of a band just entering the top European football circuit.

Bet Tip: 2
Odds: 1.52

Betting Tips: 2/2
Odds: 2.32

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