Kalju vs Shkendija Betting Tips

Kalju vs Shkendija Football Betting Tips

Tuesday’s offer to the European public the UEFA Champions League Qualifying Party series, being greeted with the first preliminary round.

Kalju: Form of the moment, the latest results, statistics

Kalju is not the first European experience, but this time it is quite special because he has the chance to go for the first time in the first round of UCL. The Estonian team also had some European games in UEL, but this time it hopes that the Star League debut will be done as it should. A great advantage for Liliu & Co is that it is already in full championship, although the late stages were not too convincing for the Estonian team. Only 4th place with 39 points, ten away from Flora leader.

Skhendija: Form of the moment, the latest results, statistics

Skhendija stayed with good memories after participating in last year’s UCL preliminaries but without any notable result but more on the experience that was really important if we look at what games the Macedonian team has disputed. Shkjendija has eliminated bands that TNS and Sheriff Tiraspol have suffered by Salzburg, a huge difference in value that finally spoke and Macedonian champion is forced to try again this year. Unfortunately, the championship did not start for Shkendija, but it was a pretty big disadvantage because neither friendly games played in a mere 3, so the tactical placement of the players will be quite slow in the first game.

Football Betting Tips Analyzed Kalju vs Shkendija

The host team is regarded with the second chance to win but also to the qualification because it has a very difficult double in the company of a band that has accumulated some experience from the previous year. Shkendija is the band I’m betting tonight, being able to take the Estonian team right off her ground, with great chances to do it in quite a definite style if the chance will be on her side.

Betting Tips: 2/2
Odds: 2.18

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