Champions League Club Brugge vs Dortmund

Champions League Club Brugge vs Dortmund

Club Brugge return to the UEFA Champions League group stage 2 years after having played this stage and where they failed to pass the group stage, nor even qualify if for the Europa League via 3rd place.

Brugge have been playing well and are currently leading the championship in Belgian football.

They have come from 3 consecutive victories and have shown good effectiveness in offensive terms. The Belgian striker has been in good shape, Vossen has already scored four goals.

In this group the Club Brugge is the weakest link and are considered as the outsiders of the event.

At home they can steal points for some teams as their home football is usually more effective. Still, under normal conditions, they will be the last of this group taking into account the other teams that are in this group.
The Dortmund team are looking to improve their European record this season after last season they were downright bad.

They finished the group stage of the Champions with only 2 points and could not even win a single game to the Apoel of Cyprus, which reflects well what was the season of this equipment.

Relegated to the Europa League, they were eliminated in the Round of 16 by Salzburg. This year started better, in the league have 7 points in 3 games and have been playing better and better.

The level of play of the team seems to be better and in this group stage of the Champions are strong candidates to move on, so winning this meeting becomes imperial since Club Brugge is the most accessible team in this group.

Good news is that the Spaniard Paco Alc√°cer made his debut if he scored for Dortmund at the start and could be a very interesting option for this team.

Football Betting Prediction Club Brugge vs Dortmund

In this game, I believe Dortmund will win. The odd thing about the Germans is extremely interesting, and even from the fact that they play away from home, I’m not confident.

Dortmund have a much better team, much more experienced and quality players to go to Belgium to take on the game and bring the 3 points to Germany.

The Brugge will exploit against attacks and only spaces will have more ball, because the Germans are a team of caliber far superior and to the minimum error, will not forgive.

The Germans have to give a good response early in the opening of the Champions League since they were very poor last year in European competitions. So I am with Dortmund to win the match.

Betting Tips: Dortmund
Odds: 1.73

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