Shamrock Rovers - AIK Stockholm Europa League

Shamrock Rovers – AIK Stockholm. Europa League Prediction

Nordic with a class over the Irish.

The qualifying qualifiers of the Europa League are also on this Thursday’s day, with several major teams being played.
One of these is AIK Stockholm, the Swedish band that will try to reach the UELs in view of the slightly more valuable batch than in the past. They debut in these qualifiers against those from Shamrock Rovers, a team working in the Irish Championship. The first tour will be played in the Irish realm, the game being scheduled from 20:45.

Shamrock Rovers – AIK Stockholm Prediction

Shamrock Rovers, the host of this qualifying tour, will have an almost impossible mission with the Swedish team. Although this formation is not the first experience of this kind if we look to the previous year when it was eliminated in quarters by Mlada Boleslav, it does not have a lot to fight on a par with the teams participating in the UEL. Irish football is extremely weak, and no more ambition can be decisive for this team. The most important aspect of the Irish club is that it is in full championship, disputing a series of important stages, and their play at almost full capacity. However, there are limits, the painful defeat against Celtic, score 0-7, showed the true value of this infinite club on the map of Europe.

AIK Stockholm, the prominent guest of these qualifying ops, will meet Shamrock Rovers as the first round of this tournament. Although the Swedes do not have an important experience in European Cups, what can be decisive for qualifying is the value and experience of the batch of players. AIK Stockholm tried to fight for the first positions in the championship, winning the second place last season, a position that only gives it to the UEL preliminaries, but fans hope for a group qualification. Last year, it stopped in the penultimate qualifying round, and Braga managed to eliminate the grazing of a double in which the Swedes did not have the ability to remain lucky. This year it is hoped that things will be different, especially because it has only 12 stages in its stand, being the first without any recorded defeat

Surely AIK Stockholm is a favorite in terms of qualification, especially since the Swedish team has come close to the results of the Malmo champion, and from this point of view it can not miss the victory. The Irish formation is too small for this competition and the results of the championship do not reflect its value but the matches that are being played against really serious bands, proof being the match with Celtic who showed the true face of this club.

Prediction Today: 2 soloists
Odds: 1.75
Prediction of the Day: Guests score at least 2 goals
Odds: 2.20

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