The match lost by Angers for 0-2 last weekend at home against Lorient confirmed that the national cups are not clearly part of the club’s plans this season. Currently 19 minutes in Ligue 1, a few days from the delicate challenge of Lyon, the Angevins could very well decide to even exit the League Cup having the primary goal of salvation in the league. Numbers in hand, Angers won only 2 times in the last 17 comparisons with Montpellier and Stéphane Moulin’s men know that a qualification will require a significant effort. Seventh in Ligue 1, the very worried is on the other hand much more worried about these two previous defeats arriving in the past two seasons. Qualified not without difficulties on the field of the Pontarlier for 3-5 in the French Cup race last Saturday, the eleven of Jean-Louis Gasset comes to this strong challenge of two successes in as many matches between league and cup.

Angers have won with Montpellier only 2 times in the last 17 direct challenges.

There are 9 useful results gathered by Montpellier between league and cups in the last 10 races.

In the previous season of the season the match ended 1-1.

Only 2 wins in the last 11 races played by the Angers between league and cups.

Prediction Today:

We are betting on the Double Chance Out, X2, in this direction as the hosts will perhaps have the mind more turned to the league than the cup and seen that Montpellier is presented on paper with a better formation.
Odds: X2


UPDATE: Live Commentary Angers Montpellier

Montpellier wins 2-1 against Angers

It’s over at Mosson! Montpellier wins 2-1 against Angers! After a first act completely missed, the men of Der Zakarian returned with much better intentions in the second and logically ripped the victory on a goal of Mbenza. With this success, the MHSC achieved an excellent operation by temporarily taking the 6th place of the championship.
+3 Fulgini was fouled in the field after a penalty kick in the box.
+2 Long touch of Manceau in the Montpellier area but the leather is clear and Sio goes against it. Alone, the attacker of the MHSC delays intelligently.
There will be 3 minutes of additional time.
The Angevins fail to ignite these last minutes. The MHSC holds its victory …
Aguilar and Ikoné try to combine on the right flank, but the Hérault side loses the leather. The SCO will be able to move forward.
Ketkeophomphone’s far-off shot passes right beside Lecomte’s right post!
Michel Der Zakarian pushes his players not to loosen the embrace.
Still no opportunities for the SCO in this second act …
Last change of the match. Camara is replaced by Sio for the last ten minutes of the game.
Stéphane Moulin’s men do not manage to be dangerous, while there are only fifteen minutes left to play.
Last change for the SCO. Oniangue is replaced by Kanga.
Big mistake of Traore on Sambia! Mr. Jochem warns the Angevin defender of a yellow card.
Angers tries to react but can not do it. The MHSC is very well in place.
GOAL of Mbenza for Montpellier! Under pressure, the Angevins no longer manage to resort to the ball. Camara, at the entrance to the surface, serves Mbenza perfectly on his left. The new entrant wraps his shot and cheats Butelle! That’s 2-1 for the MHSC!
The following corner gives nothing, but the ball remains Montpellier.
Mukiele tries his luck from a distance, more than 25 meters away, the ball is deflected for a corner by an Angevin.
Dolly is replaced by Mbenza for the second change Héraultais.
Very active during the first 45 minutes, Toko-Ekambi has completely disappeared from circulation.
Second change for the SCO. Capelle gives way to Fulgini.
The pace fell back in this match. The Angevins defend low, en bloc, and the people of Montpellier struggle to find the fault.

First change made by Stéphane Moulin, who feels his men in trouble. Ketkeophomphone replaces Tait.
Ball possession has also totally reversed, with 60% for the MHSC now.
It’s almost a defense attack. The players of the Paillade have the monopoly of the balloon.
New ball loss of an Angevin defender. After a very good first half, the SCO is now in the hard.
Der Zakarian’s men are much better in this second period. The Herault coach has undoubtedly put his players back to the break.
Big fright for Lecomte! The former Lorient goalkeeper stupidly returns the ball to Toko-Ekambi, who fails to grab the leather following the good return of Lecomte in his feet.
Camara finds Congré on the left wing, but the defender Herault misses his pass.
It is the Montpellier who put their foot on the ball in these first minutes.
It’s back to Montpellier! The locals engage this second period.
+1 It’s half time! Have fun watching our latest Buzz Video!
+1 It’s half time at Mosson! Mr. Jochem returns the 22 players to the locker room on this score of 1-1. Paul Lasne responded to Toko-Ekambi just before half-time. It’s hard for the Angevins who totally dominated this first act.
There will be one minute of added time.
It is hard for the SCO, who mastered perfectly this first period.
GOAL of Lasne for Montpellier! Just before half-time, Der Zakarian’s men come back to the score thanks to Paul Lasne’s superb strike, more than 20 meters away, which misleads Butelle.
Ikoné, the best of Montpellier tonight, tumbles again right side but is resumed in-extremis by Thomas, struggling to clear his side under pressure.
Lasne fault on Mangani in the central circle. Mr. Jochem whistles a bit fast as Toko-Ekambi goes alone to the goal behind …
The corner kick is perfectly captured by Butelle.
Ikoné tries to find Camara in the surface, but the leather is deflected for a corner by an Angevin head.
Suddenly, we move to a defense on the side of the Herault.

Dissatisfied with these men, Der Zakarian is already making his first change. The young Nicolas Cozza pays for all his teammates and goes out instead of Sambia.
Camara is jostled by Butelle in the box while the SCO goalkeeper protected the exit of the ball in six meters. On the bench of Montpellier call for a penalty! Mr. Jochem does not flinch.
Ikoné is finally found in the area, back to the goal, the player loaned by the PSG is talking his speed against Mangani but can not get the ball back then.
Der Zakarian asks for more application to these players, still imprecise in the penultimate assists.
A lot of mastery and serenity on the Angevin side. The ball circulates well and the montpélliérains continue to run after the ball.
New Herault ball loss, with this bad pass in depth of Dolly towards Camara. Butelle quietly grabs the ball.
We feel a team Montpellier blunt, uninspired. This goal may be waking them up …
AIM of Toko-Ekambi for Angers! The Angevin striker lashes Lecomte a perfect counter and it is 1-0 in favor of the SCO. A goal that rewards the good start of Stéphane Moulin’s players.
Penalty for Angers! Toko-Ekambi is mowed by Lecomte in the surface! Mr. Jochem indicates the penalty spot. On slowing down the fault seems severe …
Mukiele center from the right side but Traoré, perfectly placed, clears the danger. We must not miss each other.
After a quarter of the game, domination and possession of the ball (70%) are in favor of Stéphane Moulin’s men.
Pedro Mendes was frightened on this delivery of the missed chest in the direction of Lecomte. It almost benefited Capelle, finally reported in the offside position. An error of no consequence for the defender Héraultais.
The corner kick gives nothing.
Dolly fights on the left wing and manages to scratch a corner.
Paul Lasne left alone left side then center in the area but Butelle imposes itself perfectly in the air.
SCO continues to move forward. Tait tumbles in his right corridor but his center is too long.
The players of the Paillade fail to build and lose the ball stiffly. Very good start match Angevins.
First yellow card in the game for Santamaria. The Angevin is warned for a big sole on Aguilar.
First big alert on the goal of Montpellier! Capelle, full axis at 20 meters, is at the fall of a ball push full axis by Lecomte. The Angevin striker instantly picks up the leather, which comes crashing down on the bar!
The Angevins monopolize the ball, Michel Der Zakarian already gives the voice on the edge of the key to replace his players.
Big dryness of Stéphane Moulinn’s men at the beginning of the match. Tait causes on the right wing and manages to center but the leather is repulsed by a head Montpellier.

It’s gone to Montpellier! Visitors kick off.

The 22 actors make their appearance on the lawn of the Mosson, far from having refueled for this poster.

Side Angevins, Stéphane Moulin can count on Prince Oniangué and Angelo Fulgini, both back after serving their suspension, and Romain Thomas, recovered after his hand injury.

For this meeting, Michel Der Zakarian, the Herault coach, records the return of Paul Lasne in the interplay, however, the left side Jerome Roussillon, who heals a calf injury, remains unavailable.

The Montpellier, who remain on two defeats of rank, against PSG (4-0) and Monaco (2-0), want to raise at home against Angevins, much better in this second half of the season, and will have to heart to take important points in the fight to maintain.

Hello everyone and welcome to our site to follow live the match between Montpellier (7th, 31 pts) and Angers (16th, 25 pts), at the stadium of Mosson, on the occasion of the 24th day of Ligue 1.

The kickoff of the meeting Montpellier-Angers will be given at 20:00.


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