Unai Emery’s Paris Saint-Germain is widely favored in the French League Cup quarter-final match. The Parisians have won the trophy in the last 4 seasons and are presented at this event still in the running in all competitions, including the French Cup in which they inflicted a heavy 1-6 on Sunday to the unfortunate Rennes. Tennis also the result of the challenge between the Sochaux and Amiens, another match of the French Cup, which has seen the hosts humiliating the guests for 6-0. The team of Christophe Pelissier sails in the lower-middle areas of Ligue 1 and today occupies the 13th position. From his advantage to play at Stade Raymond Kopa against PSG.

The PSG has won the last 6 disputed official matches.

There were 18 Over 2.5 in the last 19 PSG races between league and cups.

The PSG has scored in the last 19 disputed official matches.

Amiens have lost 5 of their last 6 games between league and cups.

Prediction Today:
The share for the success of the Paris Saint-Germain is very low.
Odds: 2.5.

Amiens PSG CUP - Neymar shoe

Update: Live Commentary


90 + 2 ‘

That’s all for today, Nicolas Rainville has blown his whistle and the game is over.
90 + 1 ‘
Serge Gakpe (Amiens SC) clings to a high pass and hits the ball. His attempt flies very close to the left post.
90 ‘

1 additional minute will be played.
89 ‘
Kylian Mbappe (Paris SG) makes an ordered ball in the box in the direction of Angel Di Maria, but can not reach the end of the pass.
87 ‘
Prince-Desir Gouano (Amiens SC) has detected a slight injury, but it seems that he will be able to continue.
85 ‘

The game is interrupted now, Prince-Desir Gouano (Amiens SC) receives a blow and the physio has to turn on.
83 ‘

The referee shows that he will not tolerate this behavior. Khaled Adenon (Amiens SC) receives a yellow card.
81 ‘

Nicolas Rainville pulls out a yellow card and shows it to Christopher Nkunku (Paris SG).
80 ‘

Substitution. Marco Verratti will be replaced by Christopher Nkunku (Paris SG).
80 ‘

Unai Emery prepares a substitution. Adrien Rabiot is replaced by Dani Alves (Paris SG).
78 ‘

Adrien Rabiot (Paris SG) gets up high to find a perfect cross and drives the pitch home, bouncing off the left post.
78 ‘

Paris SG takes a corner-kick.
78 ‘
Thomas Meunier (Paris SG) introduces a cross into the box in an attempt to find one of his teammates, but the defense manages to clear. The referee and one of his assistants point out a corner shot to Paris SG.
76 ‘

Today’s match ends for Harisson Manzala, who will be replaced by Georges Gope-Fenepej (Amiens SC).
76 ‘
Marco Verratti (Paris SG) connects with a cross from outside in the area of ​​six yards, but only plants his header on the crossbar. The ball is out of bounds and is a goal kick for Amiens.
76 ‘

A horde of players waits inside the penalty area for a cross from the corner, but Angel Di Maria (Paris SG) stops him.
75 ‘
Neymar (Paris SG) receives a good pass and from outside the area unleashes a promising shot, but the shot is blocked by the defender. The ball is out of the game. Paris SG will have the possibility to mark from the corner.
74 ‘
An opponent stands up after being knocked down by Yuri Berchiche (Paris SG). Nicolas Rainville saw the sliding tackle and the punches for lack.
73 ‘
Adrien Rabiot (Paris SG) has an opportunity after receiving a pass. Measure your shot from the edge of the box, but navigate the left post. The ball leaves the game and Amiens will have a goal kick.
71 ‘
Thomas Meunier (Paris SG) sends a long ball, but Jean-Christophe Bouet picks up the ball comfortably.
71 ‘

The total of shots for the statistics of both teams – 5:15.
68 ‘

It is time for a substitution. That is the last participation of Julian Draxler, since he is replaced by Giovani Lo Celso (Paris SG).
68 ‘
Marco Verratti (Paris SG) sends a pass to the area, but the opponent manages to cut it.
Khaled Adenon (Amiens SC) receives a pass and fires a shot from long distance, but is blocked.
64 ‘
Yuri Berchiche (Paris SG) shows too much aggression during an attack move and ends up fouling his opponent.
62 ‘
The players of Paris SG play combined football and try to create a goal opportunity, but they will have to wait because they have already lost possession due to a poor pass. The referee and the line judge signal a throw-in for Amiens.
60 ‘
Paris SG continues the game with a quick free kick.
60 ‘
Khaled Adenon (Amiens SC) slides carelessly on his opponent’s feet and will be lucky to avoid punishment. Nicolas Rainville blows for the foul, but keeps his cards in his pocket this time. A free kick is awarded to Paris SG.
59 ‘
Oh, that was close! Kylian Mbappe (Paris SG) picks up a pass and runs with the goal towards the goal before launching a big push from the edge of the box, but it goes inches from the right post. The ball is out of bounds and is a goal kick for Amiens.
58 ‘
The defense is alert as they clear a dangerous cross by Julien Ielsch (Amiens SC).
57 ‘
Angel Di Maria (Paris SG) does well to control a poor pass at the edge of the box and then shoots towards the middle of the goal. Jean-Christophe Bouet is out of position, but jumps to make a brilliant stop.
56 ‘
A pass from Angel Di Maria (Paris SG) is intercepted by Jean-Christophe Bouet and the play is broken.
56 ‘
Kylian Mbappe (Paris SG) picks up a pin pass inside the box and tries to shoot a short shot on the roof of the net, but the goalkeeper dives perfectly to deny it. The ball bounces on his gloves and hits the bar. That was a fantastic reflex rescue.
53 ‘

Goal! Neymar (Paris SG) puts the ball in the lower right corner beyond the outstretched arm of Jean-Christophe Bouet.
53 ‘
Neymar (Paris SG) will take responsibility and is already preparing the ball.
53 ‘

Thomas Monconduit (Amiens SC) steals an opponent from the ball and explodes in anger when Nicolas Rainville explodes for a foul. The referee gives a whistle and penalizes Paris SG !!
52 ‘

Paris SG takes a small shot instead of sending the ball to the area.
52 ‘
Thomas Meunier (Paris SG) produces a quality center in the box, but the defense of the opposition intercepts the ball and hits it. The line judge makes the correct call and Paris SG will have a corner.
fifty ‘
Neymar (Paris SG) makes an overly aggressive challenge and Nicolas Rainville blows the whistle for lack.
49 ‘
The free kick from a distance, intercepted by Amiens, is intercepted by one of the defenders.
47 ‘

Julian Draxler (Paris SG) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.
47 ‘
Julian Draxler (Paris SG) knocks down his opponent. Nicolas Rainville has a clear vision and the whistle sounds for lack. A free kick for Amiens.
46 ‘
Neymar (Paris SG) escapes from a challenge, but is unable to feed a low pass in the way of one of his teammates. The ball has crossed the lateral line. Amiens is performing a throw.
46 ‘

Everything is ready for the beginning of the second half.
45 + 4 ‘

The referee blows the whistle to end the first half and the players now head to their respective locker room.
45 + 4 ‘

The SG of Paris takes the corner, but their hopes of scoring a goal end with a good clearance of the defense.
45 + 3 ‘
Kylian Mbappe (Paris SG) receives a smart pass and shoots from the midfield. It seems that his shot goes into the right post, but Jean-Christophe Bouet has other ideas and makes a brilliant save.
45 + 2 ‘
CLOSE! Marco Verratti (Paris SG) shows his incredible skills with a solo career to the edge of the box before creating a shot that extends centimeters from the left post. The ball is out of bounds and is a goal kick for Amiens.
Four. Five ‘

There will be a minimum of 3 min. of additional time.
44 ‘

Neymar (Paris SG) is clearly asking for medical attention with his painful gestures. The extent of his injury has not yet been discovered.
43 ‘
Neymar (Paris SG) throws a long cross to the center of the area, but his header is curved by the right post. The ball is out of bounds and is a goal kick for Amiens.
43 ‘
Marco Verratti (Paris SG) sees an unmarked teammate and tries to send him a low pass. However, one of the defenders reads the game perfectly and avoids danger.
42 ‘
Harisson Manzala (Amiens SC) decided to shoot after receiving a sweet pass. If it had not been for Kevin Trapp’s excellent save, the ball would probably have ended in the bottom right corner.
40 ‘
Angel Di Maria (Paris SG) makes a good run with the ball, but his shot from the edge of the penalty area goes to the left of the post. A great effort alone, however. The ball leaves the game and Amiens will have a goal kick.
40 ‘
The referee stops the game while the line judge signals Angel Di Maria (Paris SG) offside.
39 ‘

Paris SG works the short corner. The ball is passed to a close teammate.
39 ‘
Angel Di Maria (Paris SG) throws a good shot from the direct free-kick outside the box. His low effort towards the bottom right corner is stopped by Jean-Christophe Bouet, who makes a glorious save. Paris SG has a corner.
37 ‘
Angel Di Maria (Paris SG) is about to execute a free kick from a distance of 27 meters and will probably decide to have a direct shot to the goal, since he is in a very promising position.
37 ‘

The manager is obliged to make a substitution due to a red card. Christophe Pelissier gives instructions to Jean-Christophe Bouet (Amiens SC), who will replace Moussa Konate.
3. 4 ‘

Regis Gurtner (Amiens SC) takes out his opponent with an unpleasant sliding tackle and receives a red card from the referee!
3. 4 ‘
Regis Gurtner (Amiens SC) commits a foul after making a tackle on his opponent. Paris SG wins a free kick. It is a promising situation for a direct shot.
33 ‘
Nicolas Rainville interrupted the game due to a tactical fault by Thomas Monconduit (Amiens SC).
32 ‘
A pass from Thomas Meunier (Paris SG) is intercepted by Regis Gurtner and the movement is broken.
31 ‘
Julian Draxler (Paris SG) runs towards the goal, but the defender returns well to make a challenge.
28 ‘
Adrien Rabiot (Paris SG) looks at the ball until the end and shoots a first-shot goal from inside the area, but the effort flies just to the left of the post. The ball is out of bounds and is a goal kick for Amiens.
25 ‘
Julian Draxler (Paris SG) knocks down an opponent and Nicolas Rainville interrupts the game.
24 ‘
How weird! Kylian Mbappe (Paris SG) stands just in front of the goal, but only the goalkeeper can win after an intelligent pass, but somehow he manages to push the ball just after the right post. The ball leaves the game and Amiens will have a goal kick.
22 ‘
Kylian Mbappe (Paris SG) faces a tough challenge and Nicolas Rainville blows his whistle for lack.
twenty-one ‘
Neymar (Paris SG) tries to find Angel Di Maria, but he gives too much power to the pass. The ball leaves the game and Amiens will have a goal kick.
twenty ‘
Angel Di Maria (Paris SG) receives a precise pass on the edge of the box and doubles his effort inches wide from the left post. The ball is out of bounds and is a goal kick for Amiens.
19 ‘
Half chance! Thomas Meunier (Paris SG) plays a pass to the area, but Regis Gurtner reacts well to stifle the attack.
18 ‘
Kylian Mbappe (Paris SG) can not send a precise cross to the box. The ball is behind the touchline and Amiens will take a throw-in.
17 ‘
Angel Di Maria (Paris SG) connects with a pass but sees his shot from the edge of the blocked area.
Gael Kakuta (Amiens SC) tries to find one of his teammates with a cross from the resulting free kick, but he does not hit the ball correctly and he gets it out of the field. The ball leaves the game and Paris SG will have a goal kick.
Nicolas Rainville sounds a foul after Marquinhos (Paris SG) knocks down one of his opponents. Amiens receives a free kick. Let’s see what they create from this.
13 ‘

The resulting Amiens piece is intercepted comfortably by one of the defending players.
12 ‘

Christophe Pelissier is forced to make a change. Danilo Avelar can not continue due to injury. He is replaced by Julien Ielsch (Amiens SC).
12 ‘
A pass from Harisson Manzala (Amiens SC) fails to reach the area as the defense clears the ball to save it. The ball leaves the game and Amiens receives a corner kick.
eleven ‘

Danilo Avelar (Amiens SC) is asking for medical treatment, but will have to leave the field to receive help from the physiotherapist.
10 ‘
Serge Gakpe (Amiens SC) makes a solo career, but he can not create an opportunity as an opposition player blocks it.
9 ‘
Neymar (Paris SG) had time and space inside the box after collecting an orderly pass, but his low shot towards the middle of the goal was saved comfortably by Jean-Christophe Bouet.
8 ‘

Paris SG did not take the corner and scored as the defense of the opposition was alert and avoided the threat.
8 ‘
Angel Di Maria (Paris SG) makes a career beyond the last defender, but is out of the game.
8 ‘
Neymar (Paris SG) makes a good cross into the penalty area. However, an opposition defender is alert and avoids danger with a brilliant clearance. The referee points to the corner flag. It’s a corner for Paris SG.
6 ‘
Harisson Manzala (Amiens SC) is behind the opposing defense, but the game is stopped for offside.
5 ‘
Thomas Meunier (Paris SG) sends a good cross into the penalty area, but is cleared by an opposing player. It’s a throw-in for Paris SG.
5 ‘
Paris SG unites a series of short passes.
4 ‘

Paris SG has the ability to score from a corner, but the ball is cleared by a defender. Paris SG has been awarded with a corner kick.
4 ‘
A center clears the area of ​​Adrien Rabiot (Paris SG). Paris SG will make a corner kick.
3 ‘
The ball clears after Julian Draxler (Paris SG) attempts to dribble an opponent.
1 ‘

Today’s game has just started, enjoy the game!

The players are on the pitch and Amiens will have the kick-off.

Nicolas Rainville is the one who knew