Today play Italy W-Czech Republic W en Europe European Championship Women – Qualification – Second round 01.06.2016 started at 19:00.Artido to be disputing in Conversano-Bari between the ashen one of the group italia, and the aspirante when the second square to obtain Czech republic.

The Czech ones have to take advantage of the direct clash between Ukranian and Serbian, since not me extrañaria that the first ones were gaining knowing that the Serbian ones have the second square almost sure because the last day they were facing to italia.

The Czech ones were gaining this game with total safety, of it you upset there are doubts because it separates the quotas this way they indicate it.

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We go with the path of both selections up to this game.

13.03.16 CAM Ukraine F Italia F 36: 23 (15:6 HT) 10.03.16 CAM Italy F Ucrania F 19: 37 (10:18 HT) 11.10.15 CAM Italy F Serbia F 19: 32 (10:15 HT) 07.10.15 CAM Czech Republic F Italia F 33: 15 (14:5 HT)

Italy with zero points and without option of nothing, very weak selection in all the aspects, so much defensively like offensively, selection finds it hard to which to happen very much from 20 goals. Since you see the line of-4,5 HT it had been fulfilled in all the parties games disputed by the Italian, almost the Serbian ones do not fulfill it but because they worked out slept. Selection formedfor jugadoras of the country, in the main of the team of Rome, and with an average of very low age, with jugadoras of the year 97-99. Even very tender for this sport.

13.03.16 CAM Serbia F República Checa F 28: 28 09.03.16 CAM Czech Republic F Serbia F 25: 30 11.10.15 CAM Ukraine F República Checa F 20: 24 07.10.15 CAM Czech Republic F Italia F 33: 15

You check them they are an team that has grown enough in almost all the aspects, and I begin of that esten thinking mas about the Saturday game that in that of today it is a danger, but the reading that I do is that saldran to ceiling to settle as soon as possible and this way in the second part to live of revenues and to administer forces. You check, they tell with jugadoras of major experience and that militan in leagues mas powerful that the Italian.

Confio in the good one to play the role of the Czech ones, I hope that they go out to full and guarding I respect the azzurra, since there is no major respect towards your rival that to go out for all and to doing what you have to do, to win.

You check nothing that they press a bit behind and do not commit infantile mistakes forward deberian to fulfill the handicap with relative facility due to the difference that exists between both selections. Bet that depends only and exclusively of the Czech ambition, since the Italian never lack illusion. Because of it, and for fear that they leave the duties for the second 30 minutes we go with stake down. Bet first half Czech Republic HA-4,5 odds. 1.80 !

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