So according to Alex Ferguson, Wayne Rooney is starting to feel the strain after weeks of speculation and criticism regarding his personal life. Poor Wayne! Ever if you ignore his massive salary, It is still hard to feel sorry for Rooney – he had a shocking World Cup in which he berated his own supporters and has underperformed for Manchester United all season. Rooney has the sort of permanent frown and demeanour which simply rubs people up the wrong way.

Whether the allegations are true or not, Rooney cannot all of a sudden be surprised by the interest in this story, his wife is a celebrity in her own right, and one which the nation generally likes – friendly and down to earth, many wonder what she is doing with the striker in the first place.

But for Rooney to bemoan the media intrusions let us not forget this is the same man who sold the rights to his wedding for £2.5million back in 2008, and the same man who has in the past shared the intimate details of his life with the press, and probably for a tasty sum. The problems really begin, however, if a young footballer cannot leave his troubles where they belong and perform on the pitch. Then it brings into question his temperament. Left out at Everton, one suspects to spare him the barrage of abuse he usually invites there, and struggling to find his feet this season. Without him at his best, United don’t look like Premier League best bets.

Fergie gave Rooney a start in United’s last game against Bolton and once again the striker was massively below par before he was replaced. Luckily for United they have Berbatov scoring this season. If they are going to regain their title off Chelsea they are going to need a fully focused Rooney and that doesn’t look like happening now, so they won’t be anyone’s Premier League tips.