A fun season ahead with no happy ending

We’re four days from the NFL’s 2010 season kickoff, so it’s time to offer a few predictions (if you call them that):

• We’re not bothered that Brett Favre’s wide receivers are dropping like flies. His “final season” will be the charm as the Vikings will win the Super Bowl.

• The Colts will win the AFC because they are the most balanced team in the league.

• Thanks to coach Mike Smith, the breakout team will be the Falcons, who will advance to the NFC Championship Game.

• The Chargers again will be frustrated in losing the AFC Championship Game.

• The defending Super Bowl champion Saints will make the playoffs, but Drew Brees should brace for the “Madden Jinx.”

• The 49ers will miss the playoffs at 8-8. Mike Singletary will be on the hot seat.

• The Seahawks will supplant the Cardinals atop the NFC West. Pete Carroll will be heralded as a success.

• The Raiders will improve to 7-9, but we’re betting some sort of internal strife will trip them up.

• Al Davis will be upset about something. We’re not sure what.

• Jeff Garcia will return to the NFL before Daunte Culpepper.

• Defenses will figure out Titans running back Chris Johnson.

• The Browns’ Eric Mangini will be the first coach fired.

• And we will be seeing the last season until 2012 because of labor strife. You’ll really miss the NFL in 2011.