It was one of the prime online football betting features of last season, and it is worth revisiting again, as Paddy Power and their Last Man Standing competition can bring great rewards. First of all you will need to go to the online bookmaker, which is one of the most highly recommended and popular ones available for football betting promotions and sign up for a new betting account. When you do this, just to make all of this even better, Paddy Power offer a £50 free bet for new customers. Just deposit and the bookie will match your first stake on a new account. It’s as simple as that, and once you are on board with Paddy Power, you will be able to gain entry into their Last Man Standing competition. What is the Last Man Standing competition? Well, the upshot of the tournament is simply to do what it is says in the title, be the Last Man Standing by navigating your way through rounds of correct football betting predictions. If you are the only person left in one of the Last Man Standing competitions (of which a new one begins each week) then you will win the prize, that guaranteed jackpot! The upshot of this, is winning a lot of money for predicting one result each week, and with over £50,000 being paid out in jackpots this season – it will be well worth investing some time in. Let’s look at the Paddy Power offer in a little more detail.

After signing up for a new betting account at Paddy Power, you can enter the Last Man Standing competition. There are two types of competition, a paid entry (which is around £4) or a free public entry. In order to gain entry to your first free tournament, you will need to have funds in your Paddy Power betting account, and have already made one bet on their sports book. After that, you are set to go, and all that you have to do, is pick the winner of just one (yes, really!) Premier League result each week. That’s it, and if your prediction wins, you stay in the competition, if your prediction is wrong, then you are out. You predict who will win a match (well, you can actually pick a team to draw, and if they win or draw you will go through) and if you get it right, you are still in with a chance of the jackpot. Naturally you are thinking, aha, just pick Chelsea week in, week out, but Last Man Standing rules prohibit that, and this is where your football prediction skills really come in. You are not allowed to pick the same team twice in a tournament (unless it runs past 20 weeks which is when you‘ll run out of teams and they will be reset). This means, that once you have probably used up the stronger teams in the early round, you then will be left with the teams for which results are a little more uncertain, and there is the big test.

A new Last Man Standing tournament starts each week, with new jackpots up for grabs in each one. Each tournament will continue to run until its conclusion of having just one person left who will be the big winner. Tournament 31 is already just down to 80 players on week five, so a jackpot should be coming soon to one lucky person. All of these tournaments, whether paid entry or free running simultaneously and just progress through to the conclusion whenever that may be. One of the nice bonuses is that if you lose in Week one of a tournament then you get free entry into the next one. Also, you don’t even have to worry about missing a week if you go on vacation or anything, because if you have qualified for the next round, then Paddy Power will automatically assign you the next team in alphabetical order that you haven’t used). That’s all there is to it, but you can keep a track of how many people are left standing with your in the tournament, by checking out the Paddy Power Last Man Standing Stats page. You can even team up with friends in order to create your own tournaments (you can still enter the other regular tournaments as well). Remember that you need to be a Paddy Power account holder to gain entry into the Last Man Standing tournaments.

This is just one of the great features about Paddy Power who are renowned for their great betting promotions. They are worth checking out every day, and other features include a football betting promotion which is called a Half Time Saver. For this accumulator special, Paddy Power will refund any stakes on four fold bets or larger which are winning at half time, but lose come full time. This really is great, and as a punter, you can probably recall many times that everything in your accumulator has been looking great at half time only for it to all fall down come the end of the matches. What Paddy Power do very well as an online bookmaker, is throw out football betting promotions on individual matches. There is a Luck of the Draw promotion for the forthcoming Barclays Premier League clash between Man Utd v Liverpool, in which lost stakes on certain markets will be refunded if the match finishes as a score draw. This is what Paddy Power are all about, delivering a great service and great promotions to their customers. With excellent live in play betting services, and some of the most unique betting markets in football specials, then it’s hard to turn down the rewards which will come by signing up with Paddy Power.