It happens every year. The media, the NFL, ESPN, Sportsbooks, and the fans build up teams based on perception, team loyalty, and great expectations.

The Cowboys, Ravens, and Jets, are surprising favorites to win the big game although only one team won their division. The Falcons are listed at 2 to 1 to win the NFC South although the defending champions occupy the same division.

Tim Tebow has the city of Denver hyped up about the upcoming year, but the question remains, do these teams deserve the hype?

There are certain occasions when these particular teams don’t deserve all the attention and must be placed on the media shelf to focus on the teams that deserve it.

Baltimore Ravens

The hype is right on: The Ravens acquired Anquan Boldin in the off-season and filled a void that has always haunted this team. With a top-notch running back like Ray Rice to help open up the passing game, this offense is ready to produce.

The defense is led by the aggressiveness of Ray Lewis and it still brings a ferocious reputation to every game.

Don’t believe the hype: The Ravens are listed as heavy favorites to win the AFC North yet they were swept by the Bengals last year.

The defense is getting older and Ed Reed looks like he will start the year on the PUP list.

Joe Flacco has to prove he can do more than just hand the ball off and hit his targets in the air when he needs to.

Atlanta Falcons

The hype is right on: Matt Ryan has the potential to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league and put up MVP numbers. This Falcons offense can keep up with some of the best in the league. They have weapons at every key position from Michael Turner at running back to Roddy White at wide receiver.

The offense is ready to take the Falcons to the next level right now.

Don’t believe the hype: Defense is the name of the game and the Falcons were one of the worst statistically last year. In the off season they picked up Corner back Dunta Robinson, but they still have holes to fill.

They also play in the same division as the defending super bowl champion New Orleans Saints .

Dallas Cowboys

The propaganda is right on: The Dallas Cowboys are one of those teams that seem to be hyped up every year. Bet Mania listed them as 10-1 to win the Super Bowl making them one of the Front Runners to hoist the Lombardi Trophy . The Cowboys finally have a play maker in Dez Bryant and are now well-rounded on offense.

They are hosting the Super Bowl and should be motivated to play in the championship game with a genuine home-field advantage.

Don’t believe the buildup: What have they done lately? Before last year the Cowboys had struggled after December 1st and were manhandled in the playoffs by the Minnesota Vikings.

They still play in arguably the toughest division in football and Bryant may already be a cancer in the locker room.

New York Jets

The propaganda is right on: This team stunned the entire league by getting to the AFC Championship game. That late season run started up a hype machine. Now the Jets are a favorite to win the AFC East , although they finished in second place a year ago.

Rex Ryan has this team headed in the right direction and they are confident on the field of play.

If defense does indeed win ballgames, the Jets are worth all the hype they are getting.

Mark Sanchez looks like one of the best draft picks in recent history and the belief is the Jets are headed to the Super bowl.

Don’t believe the buildup: The team finished 9-7 and if not for the Colts sitting out their starters, it’s debatable if this team would even have made the playoffs.

The Jets added so many pieces in the off-season it will be difficult to see if they have the chemistry to go back to the championship game.

If the Jets are going to make it to the Super bowl they would have to get by the Colts. They are listed at 10-1 to win the Super Bowl but there are several reasons to not buy into the hype. Only time will tell if the Jets are deserving of all the attention they are getting.

Tim Tebow (Denver Broncos)

The Broncos are the team but let’s face it they might as well change their name to the Tim Tebows. He lived up to the hype in college. Can he do it in the pros?

He is worth the hype because: He is Tim Tebow and everything that he touches turns into gold.

Denver may not play well but he will sell tickets and jerseys. He already has the top selling jersey in the NFL. If the Broncos play badly the fans will still come to see Tebow execute his craft.

Don’t buy into the hype: The NFL is not college football. The game is much more challenging and there are still questions about Tebow’s throwing motion.

He is known to have solid leadership but he has to perform on the field to mesh with veteran teammates and be worth the hype.

The Chargers are still the favorite to win the AFC West so not everyone is believing the hype on the Broncos.

Every year teams get hype from the media and other sources but only time will tell if they are deserving of all the off season noise that they generate.

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