Today play Lillestrom (Nor)-Stabaek (Nor) en WORLD: Club Friendly 24.06.2016 started at 12:00.AM

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We go with this friendly match that faces these two teams of Norwegian.

As the side of the place we have the lillestroem, team that I finish 9 ° in the past league annotating 22 goals in 13 games that I dispute, dividing equally 1,7 goals for game and it received 19 goals, dividing equally 1,5 goals got for game.

As the side of the visit we have to the stabaek,team that I finish 15 ° in the past league, I annotate 14 goals, dividing equally 1,1 goals for game and it received 21 goals, dividing equally 1,6 goals got for game.

Of the last 5 games disputed by both teams we obtain the following information:

16.08.15 Stabaek – vs – Lilleström 3: 2 26.04.15 Lilleström – vs – Stabaek 0: 2 28.09.14 Stabaek – vs – Lilleström 2: 0 24.05.14 Lilleström – vs – Stabaek 5: 1 15.02.14 Lilleström – vs – Stabaek 2: 1

Since we see we would have 3 and 2 red ones.

In this type of games, which might be named as exhibition games, where the teams you show his reinforcements several goals are in the habit of being marked and it is due to it that I incline for this pick.

Bet over 2.5 goals ! odds .1.80
Stake 3.

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Today play Ukraine-Northern Ireland en Europa Euro 2016 16.06.2016 started at 17:00.

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We go with the second game of the selections of Ukraine and Northern Ireland in the group C of the Euro 2016.

The Ukrainian selection comes in a great form to this euroglass, with 4 consecutive victories, and a good paper will try to do in this one Euro. In addition, clear it is that it has an insole superior enough to the inhabitant of Northern Ireland, with players of world height like Yarmolenko and Konoplyanka, but they are not the only ones that are in the habit of marking and doing big games.

Though Northern Ireland also will have desire, I think that Ukraine will be imposed by insole and because they need 3 points to happen from round.

Ukraine will want to assure the victory him the second place to be played in the last day opposite to his neighbors, the Poles.

Ukraine win the game ! Odds . 1.80

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Wednesday June 8, 2016 18:42

Brazil – Haiti (PREVIEW) 09.06.2016

Today play Brazil – Haiti en South America Copa America 09.06.2016 started at 00:30.

Hello to all, game between brasil and haiti in that we go with this prediction favorable to the canarinha

A few days are absent in order that it begins the game but it gives me that the quota is going to go down, the Brazilians joined zero with equator in the first game of the group in a meeting in which they had mas the ball and mas cause but the ball did not enter the goal

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We go with the path of both selections up to this game.

The last results of brasil it is not either that they are bad:
05.06.16 COP Brazil Ecuador 0: 0 30.05.16 AMI Panama Brazil 0: 2 30.03.16 COP Paraguay Brazil 2: 2 26.03.16 COP Brazil Uruguay 2: 2 18.11.15 COP Brazil Peru 3: 0 14.11.15 COP Argentina Brazil 1: 1 14.10.15 COP Brazil Venezuela 3: 1

Probably the worst of them can be this tie before the Ecuadorians in the recent divided mas, for demas treats itself about an team with goal though it is necessary to indicate that for this America’s cup neymar will be absent, the star of the team, but if they were possessing other stars as jonas, coutinho or willian, of the chelsea

Haiti for against, appears to this game with these recent results:
05.06.16 COP Haiti Peru 0: 1 29.05.16 AMI Colombia Haiti 3: 1 30.03.16 COP Panama Haiti 1: 0 26.03.16 COP Haiti Panama 0: 0 08.01.16 COP Trinidad and Tobago Haiti 0: 1 18.11.15 COP Haiti Jamaica 0: 1 14.11.15 COP Costa Rica Haiti 1: 0

Five defeats, a tie and a victory, the obtained one to accede to this America’s cup in the decisive game before trinity and tobago. In his phase of classification for the world one the Haitian team has marked not even the alone one so much after 4 days, doing two in his last seven game, one in the friendly one before colombia

Probably there are no too many goals in the game, but confio in that brasil the desk is imposed in defense and after-taste on zero, in the meeting before peru haití had some occasions but they were lacking in definition, it is difficult to them muchisimo to do goal and in this game tendra to an team with a defense with dani alves, marquinhos and filipe luis, except second, holders in teams) of the first world level, being possibly in the bench elevated place and diego alves

Brazil win to 0: odds 1.70 !

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Today play Italy W-Czech Republic W en Europe European Championship Women – Qualification – Second round 01.06.2016 started at 19:00.Artido to be disputing in Conversano-Bari between the ashen one of the group italia, and the aspirante when the second square to obtain Czech republic.

The Czech ones have to take advantage of the direct clash between Ukranian and Serbian, since not me extrañaria that the first ones were gaining knowing that the Serbian ones have the second square almost sure because the last day they were facing to italia.

The Czech ones were gaining this game with total safety, of it you upset there are doubts because it separates the quotas this way they indicate it.

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We go with the path of both selections up to this game.

13.03.16 CAM Ukraine F Italia F 36: 23 (15:6 HT) 10.03.16 CAM Italy F Ucrania F 19: 37 (10:18 HT) 11.10.15 CAM Italy F Serbia F 19: 32 (10:15 HT) 07.10.15 CAM Czech Republic F Italia F 33: 15 (14:5 HT)

Italy with zero points and without option of nothing, very weak selection in all the aspects, so much defensively like offensively, selection finds it hard to which to happen very much from 20 goals. Since you see the line of-4,5 HT it had been fulfilled in all the parties games disputed by the Italian, almost the Serbian ones do not fulfill it but because they worked out slept. Selection formedfor jugadoras of the country, in the main of the team of Rome, and with an average of very low age, with jugadoras of the year 97-99. Even very tender for this sport.

13.03.16 CAM Serbia F República Checa F 28: 28 09.03.16 CAM Czech Republic F Serbia F 25: 30 11.10.15 CAM Ukraine F República Checa F 20: 24 07.10.15 CAM Czech Republic F Italia F 33: 15

You check them they are an team that has grown enough in almost all the aspects, and I begin of that esten thinking mas about the Saturday game that in that of today it is a danger, but the reading that I do is that saldran to ceiling to settle as soon as possible and this way in the second part to live of revenues and to administer forces. You check, they tell with jugadoras of major experience and that militan in leagues mas powerful that the Italian.

Confio in the good one to play the role of the Czech ones, I hope that they go out to full and guarding I respect the azzurra, since there is no major respect towards your rival that to go out for all and to doing what you have to do, to win.

You check nothing that they press a bit behind and do not commit infantile mistakes forward deberian to fulfill the handicap with relative facility due to the difference that exists between both selections. Bet that depends only and exclusively of the Czech ambition, since the Italian never lack illusion. Because of it, and for fear that they leave the duties for the second 30 minutes we go with stake down. Bet first half Czech Republic HA-4,5 odds. 1.80 !

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Thursday May 31, 2012 14:37

Pedro: “The only 7 of Spain’s Villa”

Pedro Rodriguez spoke Thursday about the current issues around the Red and also on his team, FC Barcelona. The canary avoids any kind of controversy as the debate developed over the number carried in the back at the next tournament.

In presenting the book ‘Peter, Will Champion, “the player was first asked about the discussion of the number carried within the next European Championship in Poland and Ukraine. Peter believes that “there is no load” carrying the 7. Also, “I talked to the ‘Guaje’ and I was excited that I carry his number. But whatever happens, the only 7 of Spain is Villa for everything that has been and all he has contributed,” said the player Barca.

However, there also turn to other controversial cases of this Championship, when asked about the relationship between Gerard Pique and Sergio Ramos and the group in general. “Nothing has changed, there is good harmony and we will live with respect,” says the player on that fact.

And Peter could not forget his bad moments during the season, because “at some point I was off the list as things were going, but I always had confidence going.” In addition, the canary was very happy when he got the information: “I was very happy when I got the news that the Euro would.”

Finally, do not forget to talk about his new coach Tito Vilanova. The player states that “it will be very good coach, because many times did the first.” It also ensures that the new coach “has very good ideas for the team next year and I’m sure the fans will like.”

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